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Why I became a Plumbing and heating engineer- By Gavin Levy

For as long as I can remember I have always been curious about how things are built and
how they work. When I was about 11 my mum was having the family bathroom remodelled by a local plumber, and luckily for me it was during the summer holidays.

I spent hours watching and feeding my curiosity until the plumber noticed me and asked if wanted to help, although I was only really fetching tools (and probably getting in the way). To this day I can still remember how fascinated I was watching him solder and connect pipework, I knew
that was what I wanted to do.
Fast forward a few years and I got onto a plumbing apprenticeship as soon as I could aged 16 and I excelled, I spent the first few years working within the domestic field and then completed my apprenticeship working at a commercial company.

After a few more years at the commercial company I decided I wanted to go back to the domestic side and shortly
after went self employed and started building my company.

I started GJL Plumbing back in 2018 and focused on providing a high level of service with clear communication, something which I had seen myself was lacking within a lot of other companies.

The business took off and with my partner we grew the company into a full family run business that really cared about it’s clients, we took on other engineers and have
grown to where we are today.

We now have over 100 reviews from happy customers and have been able to provide a
reliable and professional service to thousands of customers.

Company Mission

It is our mission to be known as the premier plumbing & heating firm in Southwest London and surrounding areas. We offer the community, exceptional, licensed plumbing services at affordable and transparent rates. 

We stick to our word. If we said we’re going to do something, then we’ll do it. 

We respect your time and space. We will come in, get the job done in the fastest possible time, while implementing the highest plumbing standards and then get out, so you can get on with your schedule. 

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why you should choose GJL Plumbing & Heating as your preferred plumbing partner in Southwest London. Here’s just a few.

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