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What Do Emergency Plumbers Do

Emergency Plumbers on Call

In any plumbing emergency you want to make sure you contact the professionals to rectify your issue as quicky as possible. Our 24/7 emergency plumbing service with 1 hour response is the best solution to rectify any plumbing or heating emergences in a fast and efficient way. 

When you call us to fix your plumbing emergency we try and help you on the phone while the plumbing engineer is on his way. Some questions we ask our clients are:

  1. Do you know where your stop-tap / stopcock or valve to isolate the water temporarily until we get there?
  2. Has the electrics been isolated if there is water dripping through the ceiling?

Our experience from some of our calls that we receive from our customers are that they do have a few questions before booking a qualified plumber.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast can you fix my Plumbing emergency?

All the plumbing emergencies are not the same and may require further plumbing investigation. But in some cases, like a burst pipe or leaking toilet these can sometimes be repaired within 2 hours.

I don’t know where my stop-valve is?

We would suggest asking your neighbours because their stop-valve maybe in the same position as yours.

I have a leak, but I not know where it is?

We do offer leak detection service. This is where we can use non-intrusive instruments to find leaks below concrete slabs or paved driveways.

If you fix my plumbing emergency, does it come with a guarantee?

Yes, all our work comes with a guarantee of 12 months and all our engineers are qualified to carry out plumbing repairs, plumbing maintenance, and plumbing installations.

Do you only do emergency plumbing?

No, we specialise in fault finding with boilers, plumbing, and heating. We also love small plumbing or heating jobs changing a kitchen or bath tap for example. You can always give us a call on the number provided.

How do I know my plumber is on his way?

You will receive a text message to confirm your booking and a text message from the plumber letting you know they’re on their way and a link which is shared with you to track your plumber letting you know when he will arrive.

Also see our previous blog about plumbing problems that require a professional plumbers‘ help.

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